Free Your Parents


Are you one of those people that blame your parents for the way your life has turned out? If so, this blog is to assist you in moving past that limitation, so that you can grasp the fullness of who you are here to become. However, before we get started, be advised that this article is written from the following premises:

(1) We all choose our parents and our life paths before birth.
(2) The Mission we have come here to complete is real.
(3) You truly matter.

In order for you to get the most out of what you were to learn from your childhood, ask yourself this question: “What did my SOUL desire to learn by choosing these parent?” You may think this is a bit ridiculous yet when I did this exercise my person realized I chose a mentally heal mother and absent father so that I had no one to rely on but the Uni-Verse. Taking a stroll through my childhood there was no one there for me during the hardest times however my mother taught my sister and I how to pray before she was placed in a mental institution when I was 5 years of age. If I didn’t know anything at that age, I knew this: “PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!” Thus my mission began.

If my mother has lost her mind, then it is up to me to help her find it. Afterall, being the youngest child, I was responsible for finding anything that was lost in our house. This was especially true when we had to move with my grandmother. I better find it, or I was blamed for it being missing, no matter who took it. My personal research on how the brain works started with our very own set of Britannica Encyclopedias and the Great Ideas Books that set in our Hyde Park apartment in Chicago. By the time that I was 8, my favorite authors were Kahlil Gibran, St. Augustine and Francis Bacon.

Do you see where I am going with this? Those early years placed me in a position to study the very information that we use in Master Force to make a difference for children, families and communities as a whole. By me not having a mother or father, I was forced to grow strong, competent and self-sufficient. This training allow supports me in the nurturing and development of all leaders that come into my midst. Without a doubt the work that I do matters, who I am matters, and it matters to me if no one else.

Therefore, use this moment to FREE your parents from your disappointment and disgrace. They did what they were suppose to do, now you have to release them and grow into the person you are being groomed to be. “Free your mind and the rest will follow!”