[For Immediate Release] Master Force Presents The Healing Arts Symposium 2014

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Alanda Hughes

For Immediate Release:

Master Force Healing Arts Symposium 2014
“A personal invitation to awaken and master your life force”

CHICAGO (March 5, 2014) On Saturday, April 19th, Master Force, Inc., will partner with a local community school to provide adults, teens, and children with a day of empowering workshops and activities. This 1st annual Healing Arts Symposium is designed to energize, transform and heal your mind, body and spirit. The event is set to take place at Carter G Woodson South Middle School, 4444 S. Evans, Chicago, IL, 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.

According to the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes is one of the most serious health problems that the African American community faces today. The Deadly 7 Diseases – Diabetes, Asthma, Sarcoidosis, Lung Cancer, Stroke, High Blood Pressure and Cancer – all of which have their beginning in malnutrition and misinformation, top the list in our community and is easiest to prevent with diet, exercise and basic fasting. Are you open to learning more?

The day will be filled with lectures, workshops, activities, products and services, for all ages designed to have us all become completely empowered in overstanding the dynamic magic of personal care, preventive maintenance and overall well being for ourselves, our children and our community.

The morning will start with gentle movement in Tai Chi and Dance Meditations for our young people. The scheduled Keynote Speaker for this event is the Founder of Master Force Academy, Rita “Mu Shemsu-t” Stewart, Executive Life Coach. Her topic is, “The Tao of Parenting”: Reclaiming Our Family, Our Children and Our Community.

To complete this amazing day of knowledge transfer and downloads, Iccha Devi Ra, MFC Executive Life Coach, Vegetarian Chef and Alkhemist’s Daughter, will facilitate a Community Meditation and “Coaching On Demand” session.

About Master Force:
Master Force, was generated 20 years ago by Rita “Mu Shemsu-t” Stewart, and a small circle of single mothers. Master Force since that time has been committed to the overall well being, growth and development of children, families and communities. We currently provide educational systems and Life Coaching services that nurture whole brain learning and development at the genius level.

For further information about Master Force visit our website – www.masterforceinc.com. For tickets click here.


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